My kitchen, it gets the better of me. I find it easier to just set the dish on the counter, then to put it in the washer, or *gasp* just pick up a sponge and wash it.

Let's not talk about sweeping and mopping.

After the veiled threat via text this morning, I decided that while it made me crazy to read those words, he's probably right. I grabbed the Monkey and headed in.

It really wasn't as bad as I'm making it out to be, just not done. I managed to get most of the dishes washed and loaded last night after the baby finally went to sleep, but had some pots and pans that didn't fit. Plus, the whole 'sweeping and mopping' thing.

My daughters Grandparents bought her a high chair that fits onto a regular dining chair for Christmas. In a desperate attempt to cook myself some dinner without worrying about her rolling into a corner, I put her in the highchair and moved her into the kitchen with me. Shazam! Instant success.

I pulled the same shenanigans today, only putting some toys up there to entertain her. Not what Dad wants, but something that needed to be done. I got all the dishes done, pot and pans washed, put away, counters cleaned, AND swept and mopped. GO ME!

Does this seem stupid? It probably is. I really shouldn't need to blog about housekeeping, after all.

The mission for the rest of the day: Get the downstairs bathroom cleaned and vacuum the floors. Should be simple enough, I hope. Right now I have a hungry little girl.

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