See? I've gone and forgotten everything already.

Yesterday was spent sewing. I haven't sewed anything useful, aside from a random piece of fabric to line a box, for probably close to 20 years. I made Monkey a pair of pants and a little bunny. The pants fit good, even if they do look completely handmade and crappy. The bunny looks good, but I failed to leave a large enough hole to stuff him and his legs are now falling out. He was supposed to be a toy for Monkey, but sadly, he is sitting on my shelf now (unfinished.)

Since the sewing escapade yesterday, my dining room has become quite a mess. I have to add that to my list. I do plan on doing a little more sewing this week, so I'll just have to keep my mess contained and not so ... messy.

Goal today is still go get the bathrooms cleaned and get the floors vacuumed.

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