These past few days have been fraught with tears from a sad little girl who appears to be teething. Despite all my best efforts to take her mind of the pain, there has been little I can do to soothe her.

None the less, I have managed to get my house (mostly) clean. I've washed every piece of dirty clothing we have (minus the 2 days since I finally finished laundry) folded and put them away. That was a chore, I tell you. I've cleaned my kitchen, vacuumed my living room at least 3 times, cleaned the computer desk, got the dining room ready for family meals, cleaned the bedroom and the spare room is emptied out, aside from a bed. My only tasks left are to vacuum upstairs and clean the upstairs bathroom, both of which I am about to head up and do right before I finally fall into bed next to my beautiful, albeit very sore little monkey.

The sewing machine got some good use, though. Made another toy and a couple more pairs of pants. I have a pattern cut out to make myself a new pair of flannel 'jammie bottoms, but that, too, got pushed to the wayside.

We are super excited to have Dad coming home this weekend. He's been in Los Angeles for a month, and he is missing his chair and his little girl. I bought some nice homey foods for him, so I'm hoping that he'll really enjoy his time with us, instead of it being such a mess like it normally is.

It's a strange mental transition from "woman" to "mom and home maker". There's something so definite and final about suddenly understanding that I have to make a HOME now, and I can't just skate by with doing the bare minimum anymore.

Okay. Off to finish and then to bed.

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