Been cruising the blogs today getting ideas. I have a limited budget but a big imagination and a pretty empty canvas for a home. Aside from a few small items, and one rather large moose picture, I have little to hang on my walls.

The good thing is that the journey today led me to some fantastic ideas for the Ikea table. I made a booboo and decided to spray the lacquer at 1100pm INSIDE OF THE BASEMENT, so now my whole house smells gross. Beh.

I'm excited for it to finish drying so I can get to the next step. I forgot how much I love working with wood. It's been so long. I still don't know where the multitude of sandpaper has gone to. Someday, I really need to get into those 4 big tubs downstairs and see what I've got going on.

My husband keeps telling me to move my sewing stuff into the basement, and turn the basement into a craft room again. I would love to have such a huge space dedicated to nothing but ME, but really, I hate basements :( He was nice and rigged up the dehumidifier so it's runs constantly and keeps the air very arid down there, but still... there's something creepy and icky about basements. Maybe it's all the dead cricket carcasses or the ridiculous number of spider webs, I don't know.

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