I finally got around to uploading photos of the Halloween dress, which I finished over a week ago:



This was the first project sewn on my new machine, so yay! My stitching came out so straight and nice. Even if I did have to hand stitch the ribbon on.

I talked way back in this post about getting that little table from Ikea. It dawned on me the other day while I was laying in bed trying (and failing) to go to sleep, that I had a treasure trove of wood working stuff in my basement. Back in the day, I used to make boxes to store perfumes and trinkets (here and here and I bet if I looked in my boxes, I'd have at least 6 unfinished projects down there, ugh.) I spent a good 3 years making my wood working stash fairly sizeable, not to mention I have too much money dumped into ephemera (let's not go there, ok?)

After laying there and brainstorming, I realized that I knew exactly where most of the materials were, aside from my paints, but figured I could fudge that with a marker.

I started with this:

And stained it with Varathane wood stain in Cabernet:

used a stencil to put some flourishes on it:

Used some Sharpies to embellish it:

Sanded the daylights out of it:

Used General Finishes Glaze Effects in Van Dyke Brown to age it, then lacquered it with some old spray lacquer and sanded it with some really fine grit one last time. The, some Murphy's Wood Oil Soap and the final product:

I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out, but fairly pleased. My can of Glaze Effects was super old and was of a questionable texture, but it ended up working my favor in the end. I should've dug around to find my paints, but the markers worked okay. After all, is it just a play table for Reagan, it's probably going to get destroyed anyway. I just didn't like that plain old pine look, and I'm not one for simple colors. Eh. It's not like I can't just repaint it later on down the road.

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