I've been a little quiet lately, not that anyone but the crickets would notice.

I've been sewing like a bee lately on my new machine. I do love it. I made a little hat with the pattern from Angry Chicken. It was adorable, but way too small for the giant noggin my child has, so I ended up giving it away before I could get any photos of it taken. Plus, what did I have to take photos of it on? It was a test run anyway.

I've got another hat in the works right now, so hopefully, I'll get that finished soon.

As well, I snatched up some pretty awesome old decorating wall hanging things, I don't know what to call them. They aren't paintings, and they aren't art, so I dunno. Either way, I'm cruising the blogosphere to see what kind of ideas I can come up with, although I've already got some good ones of my own. I'll try to take photos of the progress, as well as noting what I've done. We'll see.

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