A very old intorweb friend of mine turned me onto this John Kenn guy. I gotta tell ya, these monsters INSPIRE ME. Maybe it's the change in the season. Maybe it's the cooler nights. Maybe it's that Halloween is just around the corner. Maybe it's all the Día de los Muertos stuff I am seeing shoot up around. Maybe it's because Miss Julie is hitting her busy season.

Either way, I'm really drawn to his work. I am normally not a big fan of the Gorey-esque stuff, but his lines and detail really make my heart all fluttery.

(And yes, this was a shameless plug post.)

I also need to figure out how to make some fabric sugar skulls. I need to sew something other then clothes. I am getting a little burned out on clothes. Really, how hard should the skulls be?

I am thinking we need to go to Detroit for Day of the Dead this year. I believe Mexciantown has a big celebration. Won't ever come close to being on Olvera Street, and someday I'll take her there. But it will suffice for the moment.


eb said...

Hey :) I wanted to share with you the info for the number cards. They are by eeboo.

traci said...

Those are truly wonderful. What a fun thing, thanks for the link! I'll be picking some up soon, I am sure :)