For 14 years, I've been living in a shadow and under a thumb. 3 weeks ago, I made the impossible jump, packed up my little girl and myself, and headed on out of Dodge. Okay, so we're technically still in Dodge, but we're certainly not co-habitating anymore.

At any rate, I'm in a new house with a new room and a fresh coat of paint. The possibilities feel endless to me right now, which is sort of a scary feeling. I'm not sure what to do without someone telling me what and how and when to do/feel/say/think things.


I had planned on taking part in the sewing week.

What I didn't plan on was a baby and husband with bronchitis. I haven't even managed to get my house cleaned (I actually had to resort to using the dishwasher!) let alone try to sew anything. Having a toddler who wants to nurse 20 hrs a day, including those she's asleep for, and a husband who's acting like a bigger baby then the baby (hah!) hasn't made much room for progress on anything.

I am sad :( I really wanted to make something this week, and had planned on making some new pajamas for the monkey. Oh well.


While I'm still aware that only the crickets are giving casual glances over here, maybe they will be interested in this challenge too:

I haven't touched my machine since I finished the last jumper. I tried to, really I did. But I got sidetracked, or I didn't have any motivation, or I had the wrong pattern size, or whatever crappy excuse I came up with at the time.

So, yeah. One hour every day. Add that to the cleaning I'll be doing before my parents arrive for their fall visit, and it should prove to be one busy week.


I hit up the super awesome Labor Day sale at Joann last weekend. What a haul. I 'spent' $244, but only paid $64, which included about 25 yrds of fabric and 10 McCalls patters. Yeah, I'm just that awesome of a shopper. I planned ahead, got all my pattern numbers off the internet. This was wise, because when I got there (5 minutes after they opened) 12 ladies were already mauling the books. It felt awesome to jump in and just grab my stuff, as they looked on in awe at my awesome powers of preparedness. I was not, however, expecting EVERY SINGLE NOTION to be 50% off, so that made me a little fluttery and I spent more then I'd intended. Oh well.

Using some of the flannel I got on sale, I knocked this out in just a few hours, which is to say it took me 2 days with the baby waking up and other general interruptions.


I used McCalls 6103, which was ridiculously easy and came out a little smaller then I'd hoped. Bummer. I love this little jumper, but I don't know if I'll be making fistfuls more if they won't fit her for very much longer.


A very old intorweb friend of mine turned me onto this John Kenn guy. I gotta tell ya, these monsters INSPIRE ME. Maybe it's the change in the season. Maybe it's the cooler nights. Maybe it's that Halloween is just around the corner. Maybe it's all the Día de los Muertos stuff I am seeing shoot up around. Maybe it's because Miss Julie is hitting her busy season.

Either way, I'm really drawn to his work. I am normally not a big fan of the Gorey-esque stuff, but his lines and detail really make my heart all fluttery.

(And yes, this was a shameless plug post.)

I also need to figure out how to make some fabric sugar skulls. I need to sew something other then clothes. I am getting a little burned out on clothes. Really, how hard should the skulls be?

I am thinking we need to go to Detroit for Day of the Dead this year. I believe Mexciantown has a big celebration. Won't ever come close to being on Olvera Street, and someday I'll take her there. But it will suffice for the moment.


I've been trying to modify this tutorial for a peasant blouse into a dress. I think my choice of fabrics is all wrong, and clearly, I can't measure for beans. It ended up being the perfect length for a top, and the sleeves the perfect 3/4 sleeve, but was not what I was aiming for. None the less, still a cute project.



The elastic at the wrists is a little tight, so I may have modify that part of it, but over all, this was a ton of fun to make on my new machine. Really went fast.

I have some drapey gingham that I am going to make another attempt at the dress with. We will see if I can get the measurements down. The Husband will be home, and may be able to help keep her still enough to get some measurements out of.
So, I finally got around to making the second attempt at the Kingpod hat. (It's email order #4)


I still can't quite get the brim in there right, and it needs to be tacked down anyway. I used a pink felt for the lining and a flannel for the shell. The pink flower flannel was left over from a blanket my Mom had made for her, so perhaps this winter she will match? That is, if I can get the hat to stay on her head.


In other home made things news, the latest pair of socks Grandma made for her have arrived!


She's such a crafty lady. I love having a Mom that makes things for her!