These past few days have been fraught with tears from a sad little girl who appears to be teething. Despite all my best efforts to take her mind of the pain, there has been little I can do to soothe her.

None the less, I have managed to get my house (mostly) clean. I've washed every piece of dirty clothing we have (minus the 2 days since I finally finished laundry) folded and put them away. That was a chore, I tell you. I've cleaned my kitchen, vacuumed my living room at least 3 times, cleaned the computer desk, got the dining room ready for family meals, cleaned the bedroom and the spare room is emptied out, aside from a bed. My only tasks left are to vacuum upstairs and clean the upstairs bathroom, both of which I am about to head up and do right before I finally fall into bed next to my beautiful, albeit very sore little monkey.

The sewing machine got some good use, though. Made another toy and a couple more pairs of pants. I have a pattern cut out to make myself a new pair of flannel 'jammie bottoms, but that, too, got pushed to the wayside.

We are super excited to have Dad coming home this weekend. He's been in Los Angeles for a month, and he is missing his chair and his little girl. I bought some nice homey foods for him, so I'm hoping that he'll really enjoy his time with us, instead of it being such a mess like it normally is.

It's a strange mental transition from "woman" to "mom and home maker". There's something so definite and final about suddenly understanding that I have to make a HOME now, and I can't just skate by with doing the bare minimum anymore.

Okay. Off to finish and then to bed.


So, I'm paying for letting the baby go to sleep at 730 last night. We've been wide awake since 530. Oops.

I've got BIG PLANS in store for today. Big stuff on the horizon. Big big.

Cleaning may be mostly scrapped for today. Suffering from a bad cold that's moving into my chest and making my asthma all crazy. No sense in going to the hospital just because the floors HAD to be done. Give it some time and don't push it.

No, I'm not procrastinating, but looking for fabric and rotary cutters in the basement almost sent me into a frenzy!
I couldn't sleep. The mess was haunting me. I laid down, Monkey snuggled up to me, and I found myself thinking about all the stuff that needed to be done.



I even got the computer desk cleared off.

I don't know why I keep that silly activity mat up. She's never in it. Heck, I can hardly get her to stay on that giant blue blanket, let alone on that tiny little square.

I really should try and sleep now. I feel better.


Nothing got done today.

That's a lie. I cleaned up the dining room, but this was only because I managed to make this today:

So there's that at least. I put a little label on his hind end, "♥ '10 MOM". The very first project I got to put Mom on, instead of just T. Awesome.

Tomorrow... tomorrow... I must be functional in some place other then the sewing machine tomorrow. I managed to find myself some more patterns to whip up for the Monkey, so my time could be monopolized there for a while. I should probably invest in some more fabric eventually.
See? I've gone and forgotten everything already.

Yesterday was spent sewing. I haven't sewed anything useful, aside from a random piece of fabric to line a box, for probably close to 20 years. I made Monkey a pair of pants and a little bunny. The pants fit good, even if they do look completely handmade and crappy. The bunny looks good, but I failed to leave a large enough hole to stuff him and his legs are now falling out. He was supposed to be a toy for Monkey, but sadly, he is sitting on my shelf now (unfinished.)

Since the sewing escapade yesterday, my dining room has become quite a mess. I have to add that to my list. I do plan on doing a little more sewing this week, so I'll just have to keep my mess contained and not so ... messy.

Goal today is still go get the bathrooms cleaned and get the floors vacuumed.


Nothing else got accomplished today on account of having a screaming child, who I think is beginning to teeth.

So yeah. This may suspend efforts.
My kitchen, it gets the better of me. I find it easier to just set the dish on the counter, then to put it in the washer, or *gasp* just pick up a sponge and wash it.

Let's not talk about sweeping and mopping.

After the veiled threat via text this morning, I decided that while it made me crazy to read those words, he's probably right. I grabbed the Monkey and headed in.

It really wasn't as bad as I'm making it out to be, just not done. I managed to get most of the dishes washed and loaded last night after the baby finally went to sleep, but had some pots and pans that didn't fit. Plus, the whole 'sweeping and mopping' thing.

My daughters Grandparents bought her a high chair that fits onto a regular dining chair for Christmas. In a desperate attempt to cook myself some dinner without worrying about her rolling into a corner, I put her in the highchair and moved her into the kitchen with me. Shazam! Instant success.

I pulled the same shenanigans today, only putting some toys up there to entertain her. Not what Dad wants, but something that needed to be done. I got all the dishes done, pot and pans washed, put away, counters cleaned, AND swept and mopped. GO ME!

Does this seem stupid? It probably is. I really shouldn't need to blog about housekeeping, after all.

The mission for the rest of the day: Get the downstairs bathroom cleaned and vacuum the floors. Should be simple enough, I hope. Right now I have a hungry little girl.

Let this be an inagural post.

I have a condition.

It's called "terminal laziness".

Today, my husband sent me a text regarding a song he had heard on the radio. Since the birth of our daughter, Reagan, he's been tuned in and sensitive to country songs about children and fathers. And there's a lot of them.

This particular song was about a husband and wife who just couldn't make it work. A sad song, a sweet song, but a song that I didn't really think had any relevance to our lives. I commented back, saying that I hope we never have to deal with that.

His response, "Then get cleaning."

Here in lies my problem. I am a terrible housekeeper. Terrible. Let me repeat that over and over and over. TERRIBLE, LOUSY, AWFUL, LAZY, NOT CARING HOUSE KEEPER. Did I make that clear? Good. Hopefully clearer then my windows.

As I mentioned before, we welcomed our first child into this world last July. Suddenly, it wasn't just me and my husband. There was this little screaming, pooping, constantly-eating being that needed me to keep her life clean. Plus, the added responsibility of being a 'good role model', so she doesn't grow up to be just like her procrastinating, lazy mother. (ed note: self-deprecation is my strong suit. Forgive me.)

Since then, I've made great strides in being a better mother and wife. Sadly, they are still falling short. Why? This crazy new thing called THE INTERNET seems to hold most of my attention. I am drawn to it, with it's shiny things and wealth of knowledge hidden within. Of course, this means that I shirk a lot of my daytime duties, outside of keeping my little one happy, healthy and fed.

How to resolve this problem? As I was cleaning this morning (I know!) I thought to myself, "You know. There are hundreds of blogs out there. Why don't I make my time on the internet somewhat constructive? I mean. It's good to have goals, right?"

So here I am. Putting it out there for the world to know: I DO NOT KEEP A CLEAN HOUSE. This is not to say my house is a sty or would be featured on A&E's Hoarders or would be shut down by the health dept. No, it's simply just a cluttered, unkempt mess.

Too boot, my husband, bless his heart, recently got us our own spanking new joint to call our own. Yes, our very first home that we will own in 30 or so years. I love my house. Love it. There is nothing I don't like about it. It's exactly the kind of house I wanted us to grown old in, on exactly the kind of street, with just a slightly smaller yard and no fence. These are details, unimportant.

Fact is this: it's make or break time. He's given the me awesome charge of being STAY AT HOME MOM. This means, I have no excuse as to why the house shouldn't be clean at all time, aside from extenuating circumstances.

So my goal is this: Tackle at least one thing each day. Post about it. Talk about the things that get in the way of me getting to that goal. Use this as a daily record of my progress, or decline. That's that. Here we go.