I had planned on taking part in the sewing week.

What I didn't plan on was a baby and husband with bronchitis. I haven't even managed to get my house cleaned (I actually had to resort to using the dishwasher!) let alone try to sew anything. Having a toddler who wants to nurse 20 hrs a day, including those she's asleep for, and a husband who's acting like a bigger baby then the baby (hah!) hasn't made much room for progress on anything.

I am sad :( I really wanted to make something this week, and had planned on making some new pajamas for the monkey. Oh well.


While I'm still aware that only the crickets are giving casual glances over here, maybe they will be interested in this challenge too:

I haven't touched my machine since I finished the last jumper. I tried to, really I did. But I got sidetracked, or I didn't have any motivation, or I had the wrong pattern size, or whatever crappy excuse I came up with at the time.

So, yeah. One hour every day. Add that to the cleaning I'll be doing before my parents arrive for their fall visit, and it should prove to be one busy week.


I hit up the super awesome Labor Day sale at Joann last weekend. What a haul. I 'spent' $244, but only paid $64, which included about 25 yrds of fabric and 10 McCalls patters. Yeah, I'm just that awesome of a shopper. I planned ahead, got all my pattern numbers off the internet. This was wise, because when I got there (5 minutes after they opened) 12 ladies were already mauling the books. It felt awesome to jump in and just grab my stuff, as they looked on in awe at my awesome powers of preparedness. I was not, however, expecting EVERY SINGLE NOTION to be 50% off, so that made me a little fluttery and I spent more then I'd intended. Oh well.

Using some of the flannel I got on sale, I knocked this out in just a few hours, which is to say it took me 2 days with the baby waking up and other general interruptions.


I used McCalls 6103, which was ridiculously easy and came out a little smaller then I'd hoped. Bummer. I love this little jumper, but I don't know if I'll be making fistfuls more if they won't fit her for very much longer.